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The newly published novel, Sublimation© by Dr. W.M. Goldberger was selected to advance to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest in the category of General Fiction. Dr. Goldberger is a resident of Jupiter, Florida.

The book is about the fictional murder in 1979 of Dr. Marvin Khorbin, a brilliant young research scientist following his return to the U.S. from Pakistan after a consulting assignment for the United Nations. The murder was never solved. Jim Schaap, a reporter for the New York Times suspects that the killing was done by the Israeli Mossad and the CIA to prevent Khorbin from helping A.Q. Khan and Pakistan from using a unique, low-cost method of uranium enrichment. Schaap decides to investigate. What he learns is not what he expected.

Sublimation describes how the thrill of inventing can be tempered by the obstacles inherent in bringing new technology into beneficial use. The book offers insight into the business of research and development. Because government provides substantial funding for R&D, government policy and politics influence what research is done and can affect the careers and the lives of those involved.

Sublimation is the first novel by Dr.Goldberger, a retired licensed professional engineer. The book draws on his career in research that has spanned more than a half-century. His primary technical interest has been the development of advanced chemical and metallurgical processes. Before his retirement, he was Vice-President for Research at the Superior Graphite Company, a producer of specialty graphites and other industrial products sold worldwide, made by processes invented by Dr. Goldberger. He has also held management positions at the Battelle Memorial Institute, a world renowned research organization and served as a consultant to industry and government.

Sublimation is available from Amazon and Kindle.