A Novel by W.M. Goldberger

In late 1979, shortly after returning from Pakistan as a consultant for the United Nations, Dr. Marvin Khorbin, a brilliant young research scientist was murdered. The case was never solved. Years later, Jim Schaap, a reporter for the New York Times, suspects that the killing was done by the Israeli Mossad and the CIA to prevent Khorbin from helping A.Q. Khan and Pakistan with the application of a unique, low-cost method of uranium enrichment. Schaap decides to investigate. What he learns is not what he had expected.

Sublimation describes how the excitement of making an invention can be tempered by the difficulties inherent in bringing a new technology into beneficial use. Because government provides substantial financial support for research and development, government policies and politics have a decided impact not only on the selection of the subjects of the research being done, but also on the careers and the lives of those involved. However, very little is written about the incentives, the rewards and the obstacles to success for those who choose a career in science and engineering research.

Although written as fiction, Sublimation is based on subjects, programs and projects that were and are today very real. The narrative involving the fictional murder provides a vehicle to discuss such important issues as energy independence, nuclear proliferation and the actions of government in R&D. The book is intended to offer insight into the world of scientific and engineering research and development; more specifically, into one segment of this world, the business of contract research.

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A Novel by W.M. Goldberger

Over sixty million people in the United States live in association-governed communities. Last night there was one less.

Linda Dawson, a resident-owner of a Bellevue Condominium, lies dead in the complex’s parking lot, choked and stabbed. Around her lie the contents of her handbag, minus her billfold. To all appearances, it looks like Linda Dawson was the victim of a purse-snatching turned violent.

Veteran homicide detective Jeffrey Marcum can see at the crime scene what others miss. He knows the murder was a premeditated act. But why would someone want to kill this well-liked middle-age woman?

As Marcum and his new, young partner, Kelli Summerfield, dig into the Bellevue operations and the people in charge. It is apparent to them why certain people at the Bellvue would want her silenced. Now they must f.ind out who is the killer.

Condo Living (and Dying) is the second novel by W.M. Goldberger.

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